Projects are described as a change to the business as usual. The are specific in terms of outcomes, budgeted and time limited. And for all that they are fundamentally people doing tasks within a timeframe. Projects can vary in complexity from the very basic to the very complex, depending on scope, but all projects require a number of stakeholders to work collaboratively for a shared outcome. Stakeholders include clients, contractors, end users/operators, supply chain and those who live and work in and around what is being created (if it is physical infrastructure). All of these stakeholders must be understood in terms of their needs and inputs.

Venn Diagram showing relationships within a project.

It is fair to say that projects can sometimes struggle and this is often down to ineffective communication and ineffective transactions between stakeholders. Perhaps it is poorly communicated and unclear scope leading to scope creep and unidentified change or requirements not being clearly understood, leading to quality issues, it is the responsibility of every stakeholder to take ownership to ensure every aspect of the project is communicated and understood. It is therefore the responsibility of the Project Manager to create an environment where clear communication and understanding is the norm. This requires a solid and effective level of interpersonal behaviour which the Project Manager must live, coach and embed into their team. And all of this needs to be done with a diverse group of individuals in a relatively short period of time.

People sitting around a table having a meeting.

At Campion we provide a tailored programme of training, coaching and mentoring designed for project managers and team leaders. We aim to provide Project Managers and Team Leaders the opportunity to develop their interpersonal skills to increase the effectivemess of communication, transaction and collaboration. Our training, coaching and mentoring programmes are designed to work with Project Management models such as PRINCE 2 and are tailored to the individual needs of the business or sector of operation.

*Please note that we will shortly be able to offer Continuous Professional Development (CPD) points on our prescribed training programmes and some of our coaching workshops. Please watch this space for more details.

Training Programmes

Our training programmes are designed to provide candidates with insights, awareness and tools around effective communication and how we can create better communication outcomes. We aim to develop the awareness of Project Managers to their own communication preferences, frames of reference in order to give them the opportunity to be aware of others preferences and frames of references. This awareness will give Project Managers the tools to create effective transactions. Every communication is a transaction. Candidates will identify specific areas where challenges are being experienced and create specific, measurable and time-bound action plans.

People sitting and standing together in a workshop


Our coaching workshops are designed to compliment and reinforce the learning so that action plans for improved outcomes can be supported. However we also provide coaching workshops for groups or individuals where training has not necessarily been delivered. These workshops will require some learning to occur.

Mentoring and Supervision

Our mentoring and supervision service is designed to support Senior Project Managers, Portfolio Managers and Directors who require a more reflective experience where they can be supported in their senior level practice. Please contact us for a One to One consultation with Ray Campion.

*Please note that due to COVID-19 all of our training, coaching workshops and mentoring and supervision is conducted online until further notice.

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